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if you watch


if you offer advice


if you help


if you or a friend try to fix it first


if you or a friend try to fix it first and don't tell us

No charge

If you figure you are the expert and try to tell us how to do it... Go away and do it yourself!

The Work

  • a. You can have the work cheap
  • b. You can have the work good
  • c. You can have the work fast

Pick any two options

The Swear Tax

$5 charge for each bad word your bike makes me say.

If the service you seek isn't listed here please Contact Us

What our customers are sayin'

  • Always great service, and top-notch work done. Crashburn is one of the very few places that I trust to work on my machine.
  • Great guys, really know their stuff and do great work as well and will work with you if your bike is your only means of transportation and it kills you to be without it. They get it in and get it done in a timely honest manner without sacrificing quality! thanks guys as always!
  • Chris went above and beyond to make sure I had new tires on my bike at the last minute before a big road trip. Service was quick, price couldn't be beat and his willingness to go the extra mile for his customers is second to none. He's earned a loyal customer out of me! Thanks again Chris.
  • The guys at Crashburn are the best. I now have a 3rd bike, they just safetied, that I will take to Crashburn. They found an electrical problem that Inglis missed, Chris stayed late to get my machine figured out so I could have it for a weekend trip. Great customer service.
  • Crash first helped me out about 8 years ago when i was broke down and stranded. 8 years and 4 bikes later it's the only place I go for work, very fair prices and excellent service. Have, and will continue to recommend these guys to everyone. Thank you Chris and Jimmy, you guys are the best